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Body and Life Transformations for weight loss, fitness, and life, with virtual programs led by Fitness Strategist Kevin Kreider that cater to a variety of fitness goals. All programs can be accessed anytime, anywhere and are yours for good with your enrollment. Whether you’re looking to drop weight, bulk up or get the 6-pack you’ve always dreamed of, read on to find the program that will fast-track you to your fitness goals.

Our Virtual Fitness Programs:

Pay Once For Only $97

A Trainer Quality Virtual Fitness Program to Use in the Gym Body Shred: Tone and Transform is an all-in-one gym workout and nutrition plan geared towards achieving an athletic physic. Available in two levels, this program is designed to increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time. Add to Cart

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Gain the self-confidence you’ve always dreamed of
Learn how to eliminate the bad eating and drinking habits that are a part of your current lifestyle
Focus and understand the key principles of fat loss to help you make better choices and achieve your goals

Pay Once For Only $97

Get Lean at Home with Bands and Bodyweight Lean Body: Fat Fix is a program that helps you drop pounds-or good! Available in two levels, it’s designed to increase muscle and reduce fat for those trying to lose weight for the first time or those just getting back into a fitness routine. Add to Cart

More Details
Great program for those who are always on the go. Workouts can be done anywhere!
Perfect for those looking to get a stronger, leaner look, without adding unwanted bulky muscle
Workout for less than 3 hours a week and achieve all your goals.

Pay Once For Only $97

Gain Total Body Strength Power Body: Muscle Maker and Bulking builds strength naturally, safely, and fast with 3 – 4 hours a week of powerlifting and strength training, and a healthy nutrition plan. This program gets you results in 30 days or your money back! Add to Cart

More Details
Understand the most effective principles of gaining muscle used by trainers for the biggest results
Achieve all of your fitness goals with the guidance of this program
Command respect in any social setting

Pay Once For Only $97

Stay Lean and Sexy All Year Long! Learn the methods and tools to give you the model look from your gym idols on Instagram. This program is perfect for anyone who is in the entertainment industry, wedding prep, or simply wants to look like they are. Stay fit year round with this program.
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More Details
Great program if you’re prepping for an upcoming event.
Learn the secrets of your Gym Idols on Instagram.
Eat the meals you love without the anxiety and guilt of gaining weight.

Pay Once For Only $47

Digital Program for Gaining A 6-Pack Sculpted Abs and Yoga is the online streaming video workout program you can follow at the gym OR at home – just $49, with no expiration! Log in whenever, wherever, forever! Add to Cart

More Details
Learn how to finally get those washboard abs you’ve been working on
No treadmill of traditional long intensity cardio required!
These at home or at the gym ab routines and explosive movements will burn the most amount of body fat and calories in the least amount of time

Pay Once For Only ̶$̶9̶9̶7̶ $497

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY FROM THE INSIDE AND OUT WITH KEVIN KREIDER’S LIFT YOUR SPIRIT APPROACH In this full online HIGH-LEVEL coaching program, you’ll connect get video modules, templates, worksheets, bonus’s, nutrition, body, confidence, and empowerment! Add to Cart  

More Details
Skyrocket your self esteem and personal empowerment
Increase your leadership skills
Walk away with a skillset to increase your attractiveness to attract more of what you want
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How It Works

Each Virtual Fitness Program has been carefully constructed by Kevin Kreider himself with a variety of fitness goals in mind. No matter the program you choose to follow, you can experience:

New-Found Energy
Helpful Nutrition Tools
Positive Outlook on Training
Increased Mindfulness

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