3 Pillars to the Power Ranger Body of Ludi Lin – The New Hollywood Physique

March 13, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

I’ll admit, I was a huge fan of the Power Rangers growing up.

Even more so, I admit, I was a little salty that Ludi Lin was announced as the black power ranger and I didn’t even get to audition.

Such is life.

I made my choices and I’m not looking back.

He’s got an awesome Power Ranger physique and I hope you can learn from these 3 Pillars to get that Power Ranger Body!

Ludi Lin doesn’t need a power ranger suit to show off his physique.

3 Pillars to the Power Ranger Body of Ludi Lin - The New Hollywood Physique
Ludi has the ideal aesthetically pleasing Hollywood physique.

Most Asian men have the problem of being “skinny” which leads them to be unconfident in their bodies.

What is the other option?

Let’s do martial arts is the common answer.  Or get awesome at math and science.

Some day people will think math is as sexy as a Hollywood body.

What if you could do the martial arts, math, and the attain the Hollywood physique?

Uh, huh! You got the right one, babyyyyy!

I would have made Ray Charles proud.

These are the three pillars to getting a Power Ranger Body.


Without proper nutrition, your body will not do what you want it to. If you want to get shredded, you have to remain in a caloric deficit and get enough protein for the proper body composition.

I recommend getting .80 to .90 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight when you are shredding or bulking.
Aim for a higher protein intake when you are getting lean, and a lower amount for bulking.
The food is sending information to your body signaling to do this or not do that when you eat.
The one fun fact we often think we can ignore is that our body sends signals stores extra energy from food as fat. Period.

2.Perform mostly compound movements

Compound movements give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to exercise.

Compound movements are exercises that require more than one muscle group to perform such as the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Those are known as the big three.

Other compound movements are the barbell row, military press, and pull ups.
No amount of isolation bicep curls or triceps extensions will get you the body you want. The bicep curls especially won’t get you there because it only makes up one-third of your total arm. And let’s say they do grow, is the Popeye look sexy?

3 Pillars to the Power Ranger Body of Ludi Lin - The New Hollywood Physique
3.No Crunches

This goes back to the no more isolation movements. If you still believe in fat reduction in specific areas from doing thousands of crunches, you are mistaken.

No amount of crunches will get you the dream six pack you want if your nutrition isn’t dialed down.
I do love cable crunches which emphasize more of the abdominals than traditional crunches because of the weighted overload, as I get more and more advanced, I’m starting to stick away from these forms exercises.

I recommend the ab roller to hit the whole abdominal wall. Performing core exercises alone won’t get you the six pack, which is why I say no more crunches.

When I hear crunches, I think of the traditional crunch, lying on your back, and performing minuscule half-assed movements for 1000 wasted movements. Save your time and your neck.

I can not control what happens in life or who decides to be a Power Ranger.

But I can take control over my body and mind.

You can too, so start taking control of your body now.  Because no matter what, you are the one thing you can control!

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