6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

October 16, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider
Written by Kevin Kreider, Originally featured in Consumer Health Digest
6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

I hear it all the time! I’m too busy to workout right now. I’ll start when my schedule clears up.


I’ll have to lose a few pounds before I can feel good about myself before I can start to go to the gym.

Both make me laugh because it’s so self-defeating and never have I ever had a client who came to me because they were feeling great about their bodies and health.

I found that when I am the most overwhelmed and can’t find time to exercise, this is when I really need to exercise.

First, take a deep breath…

Six Ways To Increase Productivity To Make Time In Your Day

First, we need to manage our time a little better. Where are most individuals spending their time?

On their phones.


But how much time are we spending on our phones?

1.Track Your Time Online

6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

I recommend downloading the free app called “Moment.” It will break down how much time you spend on your phone and what apps you are using the most.

This is important because you’ll be able to see how much time you spend on your phone, when you could be investing in your health.

Cut out an hour of Facebook time a day, and boom! You have more than enough time to work out because you now cleared 7 hours a week, and I only recommend you working out for up to 3 hours a week, which is 3% of your whole week.

2.Find A Training Program To Do At Home

This may seem obvious, but creating habits such as exercise right when you get at home from work or before you head into work. You’ll cut out the hours it takes to get to the gym, wait for machines, small talk, and even finding parking or walking to the gym.

At-home workout programs combined with proper nutrition is very efficient in saving time and losing fat.

6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

3. Spend Less Time Working Out With Compound Movements

Performing compound movements increase the intensity of your training session and give you the ability to reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym or training at home[1].

We waste too much time doing small exercises that are easy, like bicep curls and cable flys. These movements may feel good, but they add to the time you spend working out.

You want to focus on compound movements, which require more than two muscle groups to perform and perform them in heavy, focused, and increasing effort.

6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

4. Create Habits

This will free you up from mental tasks[2]!

It usually takes 21-30 days to create a habit, but when was the last time you had to put a ton of effort into brushing your teeth? I hope this is by now, but in the beginning, it was more than a chore!

I find that the discipline of doing something repetitively for the first 21 to 30 days is the most difficult because it takes the most will power and energy, but once it’s a habit, it takes very little will power and energy, in the end, saving us more time and energy.

Too many times we get out of the habit because we believe life is too short to keep doing the same things! The trick is to create new habits and make them meaningful.

5. Time Block

Too many of us, myself included, let our calendars fill up with junk and mental emergencies.

Truth is, we put way too much value on our importance—we believe that everything will fall apart if we aren’t always responding and answering.

Gary Keller is a New York Best Selling author, and he writes about time blocking as a way to free up time to work on what is most valuable to you. More on time blocking and the One Thing [3]

6. Skip The Screens And Netflix And Go To Bed An Hour Early

6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even Your Busiest Days

Business Insider reports that we check our phones over 150 times a day[4]!

Turn off electronics, mobile devices, and the TV 30 minutes to an hour before bed. This will calm down your mind so you can sleep fast and more deeply.

Imagine only needing 6 hours of sleep instead of 8 and waking up feeling energized and ready!

In this study, exposure to blue light suppressed melatonin production[5]. Melatonin regulates sleep and hormones, and a reduction of it can mess up your sleeping pattern.

Increase your melatonin production, and it can increase in REM (Rapid eye movement) which is your deepest sleep[6].

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I find that the “I’m the too busy excuse” is just a poor way of saying “It’s not a priority.”

Or you are already so mentally clogged with technology and light pollution that you may not mentally be able to handle the smaller tasks which, in your mind, seem like huge overwhelming tasks.

If you want to make this a priority for yourself, this is the opportunity to start now!

This maybe a hard phase to chew on, but let’s be real! If someone said you could have a million dollars and you needed to be in Gibraltar in 48 hours… you would find a way (Millionaires and folks who already live in Gibraltar excluded from this one.)

It’s all about putting priorities in order and takes a few minutes to take any of these five steps, and you’ll start to succeed, and over time you will find more and more time to do the things that matter for yourself.


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