Abs Workout: The Blueprint for Sculpted Abs

August 15, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

Abs Workout: The Blueprint for Sculpted Abs

Before I get you all pumped, giving you the idea that you will now receive the holiest-of-holy blueprint on how to get sculpted abs, I want to inform you that I only want to give you the most honest information and blueprint out there.

I believe everyone can achieve the body they desire, but let me tell you, it doesn’t happen that often.

Why isn’t everyone walking around with sculpted abs?

First off, low body fat—usually around 12%—is what gives you the ability to see your abs.

10% gives you a little more pop, but won’t be super sculpted.

If you aren’t seeing abs, it’s because your body fat percentage is too high, and your body is constantly in “feasting” and rarely in a time of “fasting.”

You can’t “positive think” your way into sculpted abs.

Abs Workout: The Blueprint for Sculpted Abs

You get the body you have because you choose to get it.  The choices you make are everything.  The people who choose to follow a proper abs workout routine and have a low body fat percentage will see their abs pop, because they made different choices than those who chose to ignore the laws of burning fat (a.k.a. the laws of thermodynamics).

You get the body you’ve earned.

“But I have shitty genetics and gain fat easily.”


Yes, genetics play a role in whether you are tall or can grace the covers of fitness magazines, but they don’t play a role in fat loss.

“Genetics also play a role in how your abs are shaped.”

But genetics do not play a part in you choosing to scarf down another slice of pizza or choosing to eat all day.  IF you eat all day and find it difficult to not eat every 2-2-3 hours, it’s because you’ve trained your body to always need the food.

It will take your body a little time to readjust but it’s worth it!

So how many daily calories do you need?

To find your maintenance level calories, multiply your body weight by 15.

To reach abs-sculpting level calories, multiply your body weight by 11-13. 11 is more aggressive and 13 is more moderate.

You must burn more energy throughout the day than you put into your body to lose tummy fat.

How come some folks have a low body fat percentage but don’t have defined abs?

It’s usually because you fail to train your abs with resistance and body weight exercises.

Resistance exercises are cable crunches, and body weight exercises can be lying leg raises on the ground or an ab wheeler.

I recommend doing both!

Abs Workout: The Blueprint for Sculpted Abs

How to Lose Tummy Fat: The Abs Workout

An example of a sculpted abs daily workout routine would look like the following:

Weighted Leg Ins for up to 15 repetitions

Cable crunches for up to 15 repetitions

Ab Wheeler for three sets of 30 repetitions

I recommend training your lower abdominals first because it is often the most neglected and has to be targeted fresh when you have the most energy.

Nutrition + Exercise + consistency = Sculpted Abs

Now it’s your turn!

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