Attention All You Asian Men!

June 6, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

There is this notion that we Asian men are falling for the “westernized standard of beauty and masculinity.” Some of you may even call it “white washed” when Asian guys work out to have fit and athletic bodies.

I call bullshit! First of all, do you think Bruce Lee is “whitewashed” because he’s lean, handsome and strong?

Attention All You Asian Men!

To all you Asian men who say that having a chiseled physique is white-washed: You’re missing out on the pleasure of working out and getting fit.

Lifting, getting stronger, living the healthy lifestyle, and seeing your body transform provide you with inner confidence. As I work out, my confidence grows along with my strength.

And I want the same for you!

I’m willing to bet the Asian men who are getting the most offended by this message are the skinny ones who are having a difficult time accepting their frame, and you’re feeling inferior. You may feel like it’s hopeless and that you’ve tried every gym routine.

Or maybe you blame genetics. From experience, we have some of the best genetics possible to be fit and muscular.

Can you look at this frame and say I had the “genetics” to look the way I do now?

Attention All You Asian Men!

I wore baggy clothes to hide my skinny frame. So I get it! I was jealous of the guys who had muscular frames. I even accused a few of them for being on steroids or juicing so I could feel better about myself which kept me exactly where I was. I never grew by sitting around and envying.

My advice is to the Asian men out there is to try really committing to a daily workout schedule. You’ll find out what rules you can break and what preferences you have. Like Nike says, “Just do it.”

Fitness is a way to gain more confidence and grow. I believe this whole heartedly because the same principles to achieve a great, lean physique apply to any goals you aim to achieve in life. It’s all about your plan, your mindset, your mental strength, and daily discipline.

Despite all the ranting and backlash against our race, in all honesty, no one has hurt me more and made me feel inferior than Asian people themselves. Not blacks, not whites, not Hispanics or even media. It’s the Asian’s themselves who felt like they needed to put the rest of us down to “fit” in.

I, unfortunately, used to be one of the doubters and I now I want to make it right. I see the damage I’ve done, but want to help restore the confidence of Asian males because it is a win-win for both of us to see you owning your workout program and taking control of your fitness.

I created this video to not only share my message but to also inspire others who aren’t feeling confident and need help along the way.

Try one of my programs to see and feel what I see and feel.

Break stereotypes and breakthrough.