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Pursue by Kevin Kreider’s Online Fitness Programs have inspired people from all backgrounds to get fit! Take a look at these testimonials to see just how past and current clients have used our programs to completely transform their bodies in not just a physical sense but mental one as well.

Kevin also created the Fitness Programs with busy people in mind. Those people who have a lot of responsibilities with either work, family or both. It can get quite complicated to focus on these factors and still afford enough time to take care of yourself. Either by exercising or eating right.

With all the things you need to do it might seem impossible to hit the gym and get the workouts you need. Luckily each Fitness Program has also been meticulously engineered and designed to be undertaken right from the comfort of your own home – and without the need for a ton of space or expensive equipment.

In the meantime make sure you take some time to explore some of the programs currently on offer to discover the one that’s right for you. Just in case you’re stuck somewhere – try our ‘help me choose‘ solution to find the perfect program for you – don’t hesitate to reach out as well we’d love to help.


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Our methods have inspired...

68,000 People and counting
504,000 Hours of Safe Nutrition & Fasting
5,000 Pounds lost

Our Fitness Programs have great reviews.

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I wasn't feeling good about how I looked. I was getting married soon, and Kevin's program helped me get back to the way I looked before college.

Mike F.

Camera Ready Body Program Customer


I didn't want to be bulky, and because I traveled so much, I needed a workout that didn't require a gym. I asked Kevin to create a workout to lose body fat and build muscle and strength in order to keep a lean physique.

Jean Francois P.

Lean Body Program Customer


I went to the beach yesterday and other actors couldn't stop asking me questions about the Pursue by Kevin Kreider workout after seeing my body

Hugh C.

Power Body Program Customer


I lost weight with less effort than any other methods and gained strength throughout the program. This was simple and effective!

Brian C.

Body Shred Program Customer

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