Everything You Need to Know About Getting Plant Based Shredded

July 23, 2018 By: Kevin Kreider

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Plant Based Shredded

I took my dream trip to Bali in January of 2018 which turned into a disaster because I wanted to become Vegan.  I didn’t do my due diligence and even vlogged about my whole experience in which I’m really happy to have kept because it reminded me to keep a beginners mind.

I lost strength, had a runny tummy, and felt fatigued most of the time.  But then I started to gain my strength back.

After a few more weeks I realized I had a calmness about my energy.

I realized that I wish I had a starter kit to have eased my way into a plant based/vegan diet.

I reached out to many Instagrammers who had recipes and vegan tips.

Jasmine Marie’s page stuck out to me because of the colorful, detailed, yet simple, vegan recipes.

Jasmine had struggled with energy and now being Vegan, she is more shredded and feels better than ever.

We wanted to educate people before starting a plant-based diet.  We also wanted to educate anyone who feels intimidated to start a Vegan or plant-based diet.

We put together this podcast AND a recipe cookbook AND course to getting shredded with a plant-based diet.

This course is great for anyone looking to become Vegan and plant-based but wants a clear, simple, and easy approach with recipes and guidelines to get started.

This course is also great for anyone who is advanced and wants an effective training and strength training program along with 10 easy to make plant-based recipes.

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