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Mind Body Connection

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Mind-Body Connection


Are you having a difficult time getting out of your head and letting your thoughts control you?
Confidence to change your life
Your personal and business relationships
Peace of mind and body 

My brand-new full blown course on how to HOLISTICALLY unleash real, core confidence within yourself

Focusing on skyrocketing your body, your energy levels, your mental health, your emotional health, and your spiritual

health to unlock confidence on every single level.

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About Kevin Kreider

kevin went from being a shy, introverted, skinny Korean adopted kid growing up in Philadelphia being bullied, to now an international model and lifestyle coach who focuses on helping clients with personal growth and confidence.  He’s been featured in various magazines and articles such as the Huffington Post and Men’s Health Big Book of Exercise, just to name a few.


Kevin helps people help themselves through body, mind, and principles of the 12 step program to help them live a more meaningful and direction-orientated life.