How to build a body like Hugh Jackman with intermittent fasting and get the mental clarity of Tim Ferriss with Fasting

February 19, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

The first time I saw Intermittent Fasting, was when Men’s Fitness did an article on Hugh Jackman for his role as Wolverine in 2013. He spoke about his diet and how he used Intermittent fasting while he was bulking up and getting shredded.

You may be thinking that this is all a fad.  I figured it was when I heard Hugh Jackman doing it, and now Tim Ferriss?!

I was wrong, and never have I been happier.

Hugh Jackman practiced a 16-hour fasting window that started at 6 p.m. and ended at 10 a.m. He worked out on an empty stomach and had black coffee before he strength trained with his personal trainer.

I tried Intermittent Fasting the way, Hugh Jackman practiced. I didn’t find it sustainable so I looked for other strategies to do IF.

The second time I tried Intermittent Fasting was in 2014 for three months.

I got some amazing results then stopped.

Then I gave it a third attempt a few months later, but this time, I eased my way into it.

I fasted for a 14-hour window the first few weeks and then worked my way up to 16-hours. I chose my fasting window to be from 8 p.m. until noon instead of 6 p.m. until 10 a.m like Jackman.

I allowed myself black coffee on an empty stomach and a fruit snack an hour or two before I broke my fast.

Eating fruit technically breaks the fast. What this strategy does, is help you build the habit and tolerance to fast and eat in the feeding window.

Drinking black coffee and skipping breakfast has allowed me to have steady, focused energy throughout the day. I also added another strategy to eat most of my carbs at night with my last meal to prevent grogginess during the day.

Now that I’ve had some time with Intermittent Fasting, I do not need to eat fruit snacks as often. I can go 16 hours of fasting with black coffee.

These techniques and strategies will help you get adjusted quickly and enable you to do Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle, not a fad.

Create this habit with Intermittent Fasting, and you’ll be one step closer to being able to have the freedom to enjoy life, feel amazing, and get the body you’ve always wanted with the mental edge.

Tim Ferriss does a three day fast once a month, and a five to seven day fast every three months.

He shares how he fasts in his book, Tools of Titans.

He chooses to do a 3-day fast once a month, and a five to seven day fast every three months.

He has up to 500 calories of fat, consisting of medium chain triglycerides per day along with:
• BCAA’s
• Black coffee
• KetoCaNa and caprylic acid
• Brain Octane
• Added salt to water
• Unsweetened lemon juice to water

He’s not the only person who has benefited from fasting. Steve Jobs was well known for fasting for weeks at a time.

I’ve never tried a fast like this before, and I’m curious to see the benefits and effects. There are many studies that suggest that fasting helps with longevity, mental clarity, and detoxifying the body.

I know the benefits of Intermittent Fasting to be true, and I’m ready to give fasting a go since I am now a believer.

It’s all about moving forward and I’ll keep you updated!

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