Why I Love the Ninja Turtles: 6 Things Asians Have in Common

June 20, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

Why I Love the Ninja Turtles: 6 Things Asians Have in Common

1) We can eat as much pizza as we want and not gain weight! 

We seem to have pretty fast metabolism… or is it because culturally, we have more discipline to stop eating when we are full?  Or is it that we have a secret meditation technique to bend the laws of thermodynamics and transfer our extra calories to another human being?

I don’t know which one is worse, someone who can’t gain weight and believes they are doomed to be skinny and frail forever, or someone who has a big, muscular frame, but can’t seem to shed the body fat to showcase their muscle.  I would argue that gaining a muscular frame is more difficult because it takes more consistency and muscle growth is much slower than losing body fat.  Losing body fat is pretty simple.   Remain in a caloric deficit.  Want to build lean muscle fast?  That’s a different story.

Why I Love the Ninja Turtles: 6 Things Asians Have in Common

2) We don’t age and can look like teenagers forever!

Or is it that most Asians just avoid over exposure to the sun? It has been known to pre-maturely age someone and cause skin damage. Because of the pale look most Asians want to go for, you’d think we live underground in the sewers just like the Ninja Turtles!  No one can get that pale naturally it seems.

3) We look awesome doing martial arts

I guess being called Bruce Lee as a kid has its benefits now, because he’s awesome! Martial arts is being practiced by more and more people every year, there’s no denying it’s benefits!

4) Our skin tone makes fashion fun!

Because of our lighter complexion, Asians look awesome in bright colors. Especially orange, yellow, purple and red!

5) We were once seen as outcasts from white culture, and now they are growing to love us.

I was seen as different growing up in a white family and in a pre dominantly white country as a young child, I had most of the white kids making fun of me for my eyes, making accents, and making fun of me for my darker skin.    I used to see being an Asian male as a curse growing up.  Because of fitness, personal development, and the habits I’ve developed over the years with determination, I now find it to be my strength.

6) We can overcome anything put in our way!

Have I ever told you that I was once bald like a Ninja Turtle? Overcoming Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that causes drastic hair loss, is something I am very proud of! With focus, hard work, determination and a complete workout plan, I was able to get my stress and lifestyle in-check and grow my hair back. Check out my video for more on how I overcame this disease!

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