How I Overcame Alopecia Areata (Stress Induced Hair Loss)

March 23, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

How I overcame Alopecia Areata

I didn’t realize how attached my confidence was with my appearance because when it started to fall out, I lost my confidence and didn’t believe I was attractive as an Asian Professor Xavier.

How I Overcame Alopecia Areata (Stress Induced Hair Loss)

Nothing against Charles, but as a kid growing up who obsessed over his hair, hating it, because it wasn’t long, blonde, and wavy like Fabio.

The universe has a funny sense of humor.

Can you imagine then losing your hair in two weeks with the career you built as a model and actor for five years vanishing?

Yeah, I couldn’t either!  Except this happened!

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by high levels of stress. Your autoimmune system attacks the hair follicles which then leads to the hair falling out even on the facial hair, eyebrows, body, and head.

I lost hair in all places, but mostly my head hair. Why couldn’t it have been down by the family jewels?!
I still attempted to model, but it didn’t get me very far.

How I Overcame Alopecia Areata (Stress Induced Hair Loss)
I did the gaps diet, began to meditate more seriously, worked out more and started with jump roping, skateboarding, and got off the Minoxidil. I got a few cortisol shots from the dermatologist, but never went back after the first treatment.

I discovered the GAPS Diet interestingly, from my roommate who has Leaky Gut Syndrome.

She had all types of chemotherapy and she was on her last thread before doing the GAPS Diet to restore her health.

It worked and she lived when doctors thought she would die. 

My next move was to escape my problems by skateboarding across America on my penny board, which I just learned how to do with my free time of unemployment, to earn my confidence back.

This was a big fail to gaining confidence but a huge experience for growth.

What I learned was that I had to take better care of myself. I started to workout again and watched my nutrition. I started before the skateboard trip, but I really took full action afterward because I was so beat up and sore. My hair was stringy and frail but growing back.

I’m a full believer that my new change in making fitness a lifestyle created the difference in my stress levels which allowed myself a chance to grow my hair back.

The book that will show you exactly how I did the GAPS diet.