How to Train to Get Shredded and Lose Body Fat

February 1, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

If you are training to lose body fat and get shredded, you may have heard to do high repetitions with lighter weight, keep your rest periods short, and to work out at least 4-6 times a week.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

And have you ever felt whipped and stressed out?

How to Train to Get Shredded and Lose Body Fat

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

The old way of training was thought to believe that higher volume (reps times sets) would increase calories burned in a workout session.

You must train with heavy weight and lower volume.  This allows your central nervous system to recover properly, and because you are in a caloric deficit, you can recover properly.

The information from the bodybuilding magazines can be misleading because most of these guys are on juice, and unless you are taking what they do, you won’t have the extra juice to recover properly.
Get it?

I’m trying to be subtle here, but unless you do what they do outside and inside the gym, you will never get their results.

Training that much can actually hinder your muscle gains. I know, because the moment I was able to scale back on the volume and just focus on getting stronger in the gym with less hours of work, I was able to get awesome results.

To start, always perform compound movements first.  I see a lot of folks doing a compound exercise, then an isolation like an arm curl, then another compound movement.

This method doesn’t serve you because it will exhaust your larger muscles.  You want to progressively overload your muscles. This will make you weaker than if you had just saved your smaller lifts last.
What about pre-exhaustion?

Pre-exhaustion is when you perform smaller movements before you train heavy compound movements. The thought is that you will make the muscles work “harder.”

This is not the best techniques I’ve experienced. I get the thought process of shocking the muscles into growth.

Progressive overload shocks the muscles just fine, especially for natural physique builders.

Learn the mistakes I made while getting shredded for my first competition.

You can save yourself months of hard work and time if you follow these guidelines and avoid these mistakes.

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