Workouts for Women: Achieve the hour glass figure

August 16, 2017 By: Kevin Kreider

Are you a woman looking to get an hour glass figure with a little muscle tone, complimented with a big rear….or is this what I want? (I kid.)

I’ll admit, the one thing I didn’t like about being in the modeling industry for the past eight years, is that the more high fashion you get, the less the hour glass figure is appreciated.

But enough about me and my taste in women…

The one thing most women want that they have some control over is their hourglass figure and butt.

Let me get the false hopes out of the way…there isn’t any quick way to “spot” reduce or enlarge your butt without plastic surgery, but we can train and tweak your movements in the gym to enhance and make the most of the exercises.

Workouts for Women: Achieve the hour glass figure

For instance, when women squat, they often can be quad dominant by keeping their feet at shoulder width apart. This predominantly builds the vastus medialis—that bulky tear drop muscle that you see on bodybuilders. It looks like a mini tennis ball on your quad. That is the, which bodybuilders hold as a trophy if achieved.

But in order to get the best butt exercise for women, you want move your feet out wider, almost in a sumo stance for the squat, with your toes slightly pointed out, it will put the focus on the glutes (ass) and your hamstrings.

Same with the Romanian deadlift.

I recommend also lifting the weight off the ground in a Sumo Deadlift instead of a traditional Romanian deadlift.

The same recommendation is for the leg press. Ladies, keep your feet out wide, and toes pointed out to emphasize more of the glutes and less on the quads.

Now onto the Glutes!

When it comes to gym workout routines for women, hip thrusts and bridges are the most effective. And they’re TOUGH! These movements will get the most masculine men screaming!

Workouts for Women: Achieve the hour glass figure

“What about frequency?”

Your workout routine should include strength training up to three times a week with at least 24 hours between training sessions.  This allows for proper recovery to allow your central nervous system to restore because that is the first thing you exhaust before your muscular system. You could be having a more effective and focus training session if you just let yourself recover.

Don’t forget, even when following an effective exercise routine for women, you won’t be able to achieve the type of lean body you desire without a proper nutrition program that allows you to remain in a caloric deficit without feeling like you are starting to suck at life and missing out on the fun. (This is where intermittent fasting comes in.)

And if you need help finding the workout that’s just right for you, take a quick survey with the Body Designer Tool.